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Looking for bigger, fasterFPGA with on-chip flash/imamge/code..

Hi guys. New here. New to Altera.  


I am looking for a new FPGA for a project i am working on - something with on chip flash/image/code, like possibly the Max 10 series.  

I developed a project on the Spartan3AN to take advantage of on-chip flash. The chip resources are 80%+, including on-chip flash (no external storage required).  

I'm hoping the Max 10 can do better.  

The Max 10 looks like a good chip, and the Altera programming tools & documentation are inviting.  

I'm just comparing Spartan3 devices to Max10 devices, gates vs. Logic elements, vs. CLB vs. Cells. bits vs. bytes. :p
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This is from memory, so you may want to double check: 

A MAX10 Logic Element (LE) contains a 4-input LUT and a register. A LAB contains 10 LE. 

A Spartan3 slice contains also a 4-input LUT and a register. A CLB contains 4 slices. 


You can find the numbers you need here (page 1) (page 6) 


But from a cursory look, it seems that the biggest MAX10 is considerably bigger than the biggest Spartan-3N in all aspects.