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MAX 10 10M04SAE144I7G availability


Why do I not find product status information. I would think during this critical time to keep your customers informed there would be some kind of lookup when, at least by month, a schedule where each product or chip is being processed for delivery to vendors. Don't need to name vendors. Don't need to make promises. Just something where as an end user some decisions can be made. If I can get a 10M04SAE144I7G next month or 2 then I can wait. Otherwise I need to do something else. Is this what kind of service to expect in the future? If you don't provide some kind of indication of the timing of my product requirement, then I guess we design Intel out of the picture.

Unless I have missed something somewhere. I just viewed a response to a gentlemen asking something similar and the answer was not satisfactory for someone providing a product.

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Large customers that buy tens to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of parts per year from Intel/Altera get production info from Intel under strict NDA so they can execute their product plans. I worked for a very large Intel customer and that is how we got the scoop. In fact all the FPGA vendors like Xilinx, Altera, Actel, etc all did it pretty much the same way.


Intel is not going to disclose publicly the info you are requesting because it is business proprietary. You may not like this answer but in my opinion (I don't work for Intel) that is how this is going to play out. Distributors like Mouser, DigiKey, etc don't even have the info to disclose. They just quote lead times as 52wks+ or unavailable or contact factory.


You are not in this boat alone, every little guy is threatening to go somewhere else but there is nowhere else to go. The world's fabs are capacity limited right now and no one is getting all the wafers they want. Eventually the backlog will clear, but it might take a year or more.

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