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Where is the SDRAM controller IP in Quartus 21 Lite?

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This is for MAX10 (10M08), NIOS, BeMicro dev. board.

I trying to get I2C core IP to work but I think my design run out of ram. I'm using the internal MAX10 ram now. I said I think because I don't get an error saying out of memory from eclipse. I just get a elf make file error. I created a new smaller project and added the I2C core and I didn't get any errors. I haven't gotten the I2C to work yet I just wanted to add the core to see if I got any errors.

My dev. board has a SDRAM part: ISSI, IS42S16400J. I have an older project (for Quartus 15) with the SRAM IP core that worked but when I opened it in Quartus Lite 21 the upgrade window said that it couldn't find the ip core for the SDRAM controller. I found a link to an enhanced SDRAM controller but the help page says it is for Quartus 17.  Is the SDRAM IP core available for Quartus Lite 21?  If not, what version of Quartus Lite do I need? I don't mind downgrading if necessary. Here is the schematic of my dev. kit showing the SDRAM. Thanks




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Well... after installing Quartus Lite v17.x thru 21.x I can say that the SDRAM controller IP core was removed from Quartus Lite v21.x. There is a message in the platform designer for Quartus Lite 20.x that says "... the SDRAM controller IP will only be included in Quartus Standard in future releases". Just in case you don't know: The "standard" version is one of the paid versions. So I'm downgrading to Quartus Lite v20.1.1.

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I think the SDRAM IP is part of the IP Base Suite which is include in Standard but requires a paid license in Lite.

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