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MAX10 power-on/configuration error

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I have a custom board with a 10M25SAE144xxx part that I am trying to bring up, but the device seems to be failing configuration at power-on. This is a single-supply device, and power is applied through an Enperion +3.3V regulator. 


+3.3V is present at all power pins; voltage verified to all VCC_ONE, VCCA, and VCCIO pins. Using an oscilloscope, the voltage looks clean and ramps up in less than 1.4 ms. 


These pins are pulled to +3.3V through 10K ohm resistors: 






(with power off I have determined that these pins do have a 10K ohm path to the +3.3V rail) 


This pin is connected to ground through a 10K ohm resistor: 



After power-up, nSTATUS and CONF_DONE remain at 0V, never appearing to configure and pull up to +3.3V as expected. nCONFIG stays at +3.3V. 


This design was done using these documents as reference: 

"MAX 10 FPGA Configuration User Guide" 

"MAX 10 FPGA Device Family Pin Connection Guidelines" 

"Intel MAX 10 FPGA Design Guidelines" 




Are there any other pins that need to be set for configuration? 


Are there any other indicators that I can look at to determine what the configuration error might be? 


Is there anything else I can test to diagnose this? 


Is there any way to determine if I have a bad chip? How common is this?
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Hi, have you found a solution for the configuration issue? I have the same 10M25SAE144 part and the same problem. It doesn't boot up from internal flash. JTAG download is fine. 


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You may want to review the OP's other same topic posts and related answers. The problem has been resolved.

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I mistakenly started 2 threads on this topic. This will take you to the other one that has more discussion... 


However, your problem does sound different from mine. I was not able to get the initial JTAG connection. I ended up replacing the part on my board and it has been working fine ever since.
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Thanks Plewis and FvM.  


Yes, it looks like my problem is a bit different. I can download the SOF file through JTAG and it works fine. But when I created a POF and booted it from flash, it doesn't work. nSTATUS has a voltage of 2.4V with a 10K pull up resistor. I have a 10K pull up resistor on CONF_DONE also and the voltage on CONF_DONE is 3.2V. I don't have the dual boot image option turned on, just a single compressed image. 


Glad your problem was fixed by replacing it with a new part.