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MAX10 "JTAG_Lock_Unlock"


I have unintentionally LOCK a chip 10M25DAF256C8G due to JTAG secure option and wrong key in POF file. In Intel site I have download "JTAG_Lock_Unlock" project to unlock my chip, but I can NOT configure chip by .sof file and have an error:

(Error (209014): CONF_DONE pin failed to go high in device 1. Make sure all communication cables are securely connected, select a different device, check the power on the target system, or make sure all nCE pins are connected to GND. The Intel FPGA Knowledge Database contains many articles with specific details on how to resolve this error. Visit the Knowledge Database at https://... and search for this specific error message number.)

All jtag-signals are comming to chip but I cann't configure .sof of "JTAG_Lock_Unlock" project. CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM?

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