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Max10 Internal Dual Config - How to program only CFM0?

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When creating a Max10 design with Internal Dual configuration scheme enabled, the "Convert Programming File" utility in Quartus forces you to populate both Page_0 and Page_1 with valid .sof files in order to generate a .pof file.




We have a scenario where the board manufacturer should only have access to the CFM0 file. (It is undesireable that they have a potential to program CFM1 also).

CFM1 is supposed to be programmed later by the product assembler.


Is there a workaround or fix to this problem?


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Hello Nikolay, If you are using the Dual Configuration IP in the design then we must use the two sof file to convert into the single pof. Actually i dont think it is the problem to fix it since as the design point of view you are opting for dual configiuration and tool looking for dual sof right ? One another way is update single bitstream then need to use binary file (rpd) with on chip flash ip. Here is the application notes for reference Kindly let me know if you have any further question ? Thank you , Regards, Sree
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