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Missing .SOF but can generate .POF file on compile


I'm using Quartus II 64-bit 13.1 Web Edition and I'm following a couple of different tutorials to just try to blink a LED. I'm using an old version of Quartus because the MAX 7000 isn't supported past this version.


I can follow the tutorials no problem and everything compiles with green checkmarks. I am only getting one warning "Warning (335095): TimeQuest Timing Analyzer does not support the analysis of latches as synchronous elements for the currently selected device family." but at the end it says full compilation was successful.


When I go to upload to the board I can't find the .SOF file. however I am able to generate a .POF file in the output directory. I searched around the forums and most issues seem to be due to licensing problems but since I'm using the web edition this shouldn't be my problem right?


Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.



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I forget if the settings are organized the same in that old version, but from the Assignments menu, go to Device (or the device settings in the Settings dialog from the Assignments menu). In there is a Device & Pin Options button that should take you to where you can set what programming files are generated when you compile. .sof is the default, so it's very strange that you're getting a .pof instead of .sof unless the setting got changed. It shouldn't matter that it's the Web edition.



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