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Parsing Packets using TSE IP on FPGA


Hi all,


I am using a MAX10 Dev Kit with Quartus. I want to use the FPGA to first receive packets, and then be able to extrapolate important data (namely IP and MAC addresses). I have downloaded the MAX 10 Single-Port Triple Speed Ethernet and On-Board PHY Chip Design Example found here. I have simulated the testbench and understand most signals and their relationships in the simulation (I'm viewing through Quartus Modelsim).


I have also used Quartus's System Console to launch the main.tcl file in the sc_tcl folder and have successfully verified the 3 tests found in this document and example.


Thirdly, I have a Linux machine which has successfully sent a packet through UDP to the FPGA, but nothing after that.


As I understand, the TSE example does not go deep enough to extract that information and I have to do it myself, but don't know where / how to actually do that. I'm familiar with packet structure and know I'll need to pass some sort of data into a register at the start of a packet, and will stop saving the information at the end of the packet, but don't know how to proceed with that.


Thanks so much in advance.

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To answer your question, this is required to refer to the OSI model.


The TSE IP is supporting in the Physical layer and data link layer ( MAC), where the UDP is in the transport layer. This is NOT supported within the TSE IP.  You need a processor and a stack to deal with UDP.


From the link below, you can obtain the simple socket server example (TCP) as the reference.


Regards -SK 

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