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Ploblem Occurred Downloading ELF Process failed by QuratusⅡ v.13.1 with DE0 → Cause ?

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Now Hiroyuki writting. 

I get good news about yesterday written ploblems. 

I was buying a book around 2013 waht 


P110 ~ just for sdram . 

I'll change this sample project with book for need function. 

thank you for reading. 

I missed hardware setting with Qsys and Verilog-HDL and so what ↓ URL 

my project. 


(yesterday written ploblems) 

:confused:PleaseCould you teach us some hint to make it work. It's a user with littleexperience. 

I useQuratusⅡ v.13.1 web with DE0. 

I want to move sdram.:oops: 

In the basic Qsyssetting ⇒ NiosⅡ Eclipse ⇒ Run as ⇒ NiosⅡ hardware, 

the design is stopped.Here,over a week.:cry: 



When lcdis implemented in Qsys, display operation is done .It's moved. but I settingsdram at Qsys . then ,Displayed message box ​what Downloading ELF Processfailed . It is a user with little experience. project file URL : (
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