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Prime Pro Edition : Source files - meaning of folder "tmp-clearbox"; Version Control

In Prime Standard Version, there was a folder "db" and a folder "incremental-db". If there occured problems with Quartus, it often helped to delete this folders and run compilation again. In Prime Pro these folders do not exist any more. There are some new folders now: Can the folder "tmp-clearbox" be deleted in case of problems without loss of sourcefiles or essential information? 

Additional question: 

If I use Version control software in Prime Pro, which files should be set under version control. So far I found out that ".IP" folders have to added compared to Prime Standard. Which other files (beside these already in Prime standard edition) have also to be set under Version control (like SVN or Git) ?
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The qdb folder is the equivalent of the db folder. Delete that if you need to. 


As far as revision control, using the project archiving feature is the easiest way to manage it to make sure all files get included.