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Read content of external Flash-Device via JTAG

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first of all, please be tolerant with me because i'm very new to this suff :-) 

I have a graphics board from a car radio which ist build using a Cyclone II EP2C8F256 an EPCS4 flash (for AS-Config, i guess) and also an SDRAM Chip and an S29GL064N Flash. I also managed to determine the JTAG-Pins from the FPGA and found a header on the PCB where i could access them. I also managed to successfully lookup the device using the Quartus (v12 Web-Edition) Programmer Tool and autodetection. The chip is shown. 


But now i'm stucked, because i have no clue how to access the content of the flash device. What i want to do is to read out the content of it and also reprogramm it. I want to use this to test various software-releases for the device. It is an very old device (2006 i think). I guess(!) that the config device setup the FPGA as an NIOS II CPU and the flash device contains some kind of uClinux or RTOS. But maybe i'm totally wrong. 


Can you give me any hints how to accomplish this task? I hope the Quartus software is able to access the flash directly via JTAG, or indirectly via some kind of Soft-TAP inside the NIOS. 


Thanks a lot!
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You can use examine option in programmer. 


Let me know if you need any further assistance. 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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