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The Type of Support Offered By Intel


Hi Intel support and management.  As an FPGA designer for the last 30 years, I make decisions on whether to use Intel/Altera or Xilinx FPGAs.  On this new Intel/Altera project I'm working on, I've just learned that the only way to get support from Intel is by posting a question to a forum, as opposed to opening a case/ticket that leads to a bigger responsibility for you to respond.  I've posted, and its been a few days with no response from Intel.  This will greatly impact my decisions.


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Thanks for your question and we appreciate your business with us.

I think you are referring to another post that you had posted here:

FYI, an engineer has been assigned to the case and I have asked him to expedite the response to your question. The team had a long weekend break, hence the delay in the response.

All the questions that come into this community portal will be assigned to an engineer who will work on addressing the questions. We have a team of 24 engineers who are working in the team currently to do this. If you do not get a response, please simply reply back to the post that you made and ask for a response OR you can choose to do what you just did: raising another post to get the escalated support. A manager for the team will be able to respond to you accordingly.

Thanks for your cooperation.