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Why H2F AXI interface provide only 32 bit width but takes 128 bits?



I am using DE0-Nano-SoC and Atlas GHRD and GSRD 


I created my own Avalon-MM component which has 64 bits output and one word span. It just assigns combinationaly 0xFEDCBA9876543210 to avalon_s0_readdata. 

First question is why it takes 0xF bytes of address space in Qsys while requires only 8? 


But what is realy annoying is that when I am reading this data in Linux I am getting only 0x76543210 and 3 more 32 bit words filled with zeros. 

Changing HPS-2-FPGA data width in Qsys does not help. Currently it set to 128 bits. 


Could anybody guess why I have this word reduction and how to fix it? 


I was not regenerated bootloader after update in Qsys. Can it cause such problem?
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