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max speed for banks (MAX10)

Hi Community, 


i looked up different datasheets but didn't found the information about the speed for the single banks. 

It is written in quartus that the banks 1 & 8 have lower speed than the rest of them. 

But what is the difference in speed? 

Where can I find this information? 


I'll only use the FPGA for LVCMOS logic.  

Where can I find the option to pick the I/O standard LVCMOS 2.5V in the Pin Planner. It only shows the 3V and 3.3V option. Do I have to use 2.5V default? 

LVDS won't be used and the imigration of a DDR3 interface is planned for the far future, but not needed at this time. 


So, could you please tell me where to find the speed information? 

Or what is the low speed rate and what the high speed rate? 

What is the amount of difference? 


Thanks in advance. 

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You won't find a maximum speed for an I/O pin. It varies based on what is connected to it. You will need to compute it based on the impedance of the transmission line the output is driving. I've not done such a calculation so I can't help with it.