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memory initializing into 16-words per line instead of 4 words (initialize from ihex)

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This seems strange. In ModelSim (and Quartus, I beleive), our *.hex files initialize what seems to be in 16-word blocks rather than 4-word blocks. I've attached a screenshot each. 


As you can see, the first two lines of the ihex file is: 

[word0], [word1], [word2], [word3] 


BUT the memory appears as: 

[word0], [word1], [word2], [word3], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000], [0x0000] 



Basically, for each line in the ihex file (4 words), there are 16 words written to memory. These 16 are the original 4 words, then 12 words of zeros. 

Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it? 


** Update: In Quartus, this seems to be resolved by Assignments>Settings>Compilation Process Settings> More Settings> Reading or writing Hexadecimal(.hex) File in byte addresable mode On. However, this option is not available in ModelSim.
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There seems to be a discrepancy in words size, byte versus double word addressing. Please show the memory definition.

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I've attached both the RAM generation file and the Intel hex file... 


One solution we thought of is to simply skip 12 addresses at a time: 

assign reduced_addr = {addr[31:4],2'b0,addr[3:2]}; // this converts 16-word addressing into 4-word addressing 


This works, but we lose 75% of available memory doing so.