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How To | Cloning & Replacing current SSD




My current system/C drive has a capacity of 2TB and is using 701GB of space.


I purchased a new Kingston A400 960GB SSD and a San Disk Ultra 3D 2TB SSD.


I want to clone/migrate my current SSD/OS to one of my new SSD's. I'm considering transferring my current system to the 960GB SSD and using the 2TB SSD for extra storage. 1.) Is this a good idea or should I transfer my current system to my new 2TB SSD?


2.) How do I copy/migrate my current SSD to one of my new ones? Should I use Macrium Reflect to clone it? Do I need to install the new SSD before I start the migration? I would assume YES. 


3.) Once the migration is complete, what then? Do I then turn off my computer, uninstall my old SSD and then put my new SSD into the port where my old SSD and connect it to the chords/wires that my old SSD was connected to?


4.) Do I have to go into BIOS and change the boot order so that my computer now boots from the new SSD? Is this necessary; I ask because if I remove my old SSD and connect my new SSD into the space where the old one was with the cables my old one was connected to, wouldn't my computer automatically know to boot from the new SSD?


5.) If simply inserting my new SSD into the space where my old one was isn't enough to get my system to boot from the new SSD, what do I need to do and how do I do it?


Thank you for your help. I'm a total novice and know very little about computers, so your help is greatly appreciated. Please be as clear and simple with your instructions as possible so that I can follow them easily.


Dell PC | Windows 8.1


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Hello 3000022745591.5643887766973555E12,


Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.


To answer your questions, first, the idea you have of using the smallest one as the O.S drive is a great idea since this way you can use the whole 2TB just for data and according to your details, the 960GB should suffice for the O.S; nevertheless, this all depends on the way you are planning to use your SSDs.


Now, in order to migrate or clone the information from the old Disk to the new one you need to check with either of the manufacturers of the disks to see if they have a cloning tool. Intel does not have a hard drive cloning tool.


Finally, keep in mind that you are not mentioning any Intel product so I would strongly suggest you contact either Dell* or the SSD manufacturers for support with your inquiry.



David V


Intel Customer Support Technician

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