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How can I turn off Intel RST without losing all my data?


I am trying to install Linux on my computer that already has stock Windows 10 on it. The Ubuntu installer asks me to disable Intel Rapid Storage Technology. The only way I have found to disable RST is in the boot menu. But in that menu, changing the storage mode from RST to AHCI warns about losing all data on the disk.

I don't want to lose any data or the Windows on the disk. How can I disable RST while keeping my data and OS safe?

Any workaround that allows to install Ubuntu without disabling Intel RST is also welcome.

Edit: The PC is Lenovo Ideapad S340-15IIL



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In this case, since the original operating system is installed on a RAID when you change from RST to AHCI this is going to cause a hardware change and erase the data.

Due to Linux does not support RAID, you will need to delete Windows completely and perform a clean install of Linux and this is going to delete all your data, that is why you get that notification, I recommend you to back up all your data before you proceed and also check with Lenovo for advice and instructions to properly install the new operating system on your laptop.

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