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How to RAID 0 with existing SSD


Hi own an Acer Nitro 7 AN715-51, it came with 256GB SSD with 1TB HDD and an empty slot with an option to RAID 0 or RAID 1 with existing SSD. Hence, I bought another 256GB SSD and put it in the empty SSD slot. Now I don't see any option in BIOS (insyde v1.29) to RAID 0 with the existing SSD on which Windows is already installed. 

BIOS: SATA mode is set to RST Premium with Optane

I installed Intel Optane and Memory Management and I tried creating a RAID 0 but my next button is greyed out. I'm unable to understand what Am I missing.


Any way of creating RAID 0 for the above configuration.

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Creating a RAID0 array will wipe out the contents of the drives involved. If one of these two drives is your boot drive, it isn't going to allow you to create a RAID0 array. What you would have to do it use the BIOS-level capability to create the RAID0 array and then reinstall your O/S to a volume created within the array. Acer will need to fill you in on how to use the BIOS-level capability.

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