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I am getting an error on rapid storage technology - Disk on port 0, at risk.


Few days ago, I have upgraded my dell XPS M1530 laptop's hard disk of 300 GB to a Toshiba 1 tb hard disk, which was my external hard disk in the past ( all details are on attachments ). After upgrading, when I starts my system (with rapid storage technology installed), it show nothing - no error, with same port - "0". After 5 to 6 days, because I face a problem with my window 7, I reinstall my window again with all the previous software. This time window and rapid storage technology, both are showing a error message - Disk on port 0, at risk (both screenshot are in attachments). this message is coming after every 15 min either I am resting it to normal. this is my problem, I am working fine on my system, no issue on data transferring, opening any drive, file, video but this message always make me worry about my data lose.

I am not so expert in computer science but quite good to understand its knowledge. I want to know few things -

  1. what is port 0 means, because counting starts from 1 or is this related to RAID - "0" . ( hard disk details is attached ).
  2. If port 0 is a problem for my hard disk or my data then how can I change port or what is the solution for this problem.
  3. what is convert to dynamic disk means.


Thanks to you all for your help.

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First of all, if you are not using RAID and you are not using Optane (for HDD acceleration), you do not need to have RST installed at all. It offers no advantage. Best thing to do is uninstall it.

Secondly, if both interfaces are showing an error, then perhaps there actually is an error.


To answer your questions,


  1. This is a binary computer, so numbering starts with 0, not 1.
  2. You can't change ports. As I said, you may have a bad hard drive. The only way to know is to replace it.
  3. Do do this, you will lose everything. Uninstall RST.


Hope this helps,



thank for your answer. Now I am taking backup of my data and then I will run diagnostics to check the error report which I will share with you, here. Then I will format my hard disk and use it again to check about any issue. One more thing, when I clicking right on my hard drive, it show a option - convert to dynamic disk, what it mean?


Hi friends, now I starts a diagnostics and in starting after few seconds it show only this ( attachment). and so in online dell diagnostics, it's not moving. but my hard drive is working fine. Please help me. I am not understanding that why diagnostics is not completing.

diagnostics by dell.PNG


Hello Vijay I am noticing that you are running the DELL™ diagnostics tool on the system in this case to confirm the tool's behavior we recommend contacting DELL™ for confirmation. DELL support: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04?lwp=rt Regards, Leonardo C. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation