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Intel RST SATA RAID Array Failure


I left my laptop open, only to get back to it and find it frozen. This has rarely happened to me. The only way I had to make it work was to force shut down. Once it booted up, my Intel RST notified me of a disc failure of my SSD system drive. SATA Array 0000 Volume 0. Type RAID 0. Contains 119 GB of data. One of the two portions, 60 GB in size, is marked as failed. Attached to this thread is the system report from Intel RST. Please help ASAP. Thank you.

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Hello, NowOnAFM:

When a RAID 0 volume fails or is disconnected, the data on the hard drive is no longer accessible.

If a hard drive is disconnected, you may be able to recover the volume. If a hard drive fails, the data cannot be recovered. Refer to the appropriate procedure below to recover or re-create your configuration:

Disconnected hard drive

Turn off the computer.

Reconnect the hard drive.

Turn on the computer. The option ROM automatically marks the RAID 0 volume as normal.

Failed hard drive

This procedure deletes the failed RAID 0 volume and creates a new RAID 0 volume.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Replace the failed hard drive with a new hard drive of equal or greater capacity.
  3. Turn on the computer. When prompted during system startup, press Ctrl I at the same time to enter the option ROM user interface.
  4. Click 2. Delete RAID Volume .
  5. Use the up or down arrow keys to select the failed RAID 0 volume.
  6. Press Delete to delete the volume.
  7. Press Y to confirm the deletion.
  8. Click 1. Create RAID Volume and follow the prompts to create a new RAID 0 volume.
  9. Click 6. Exit.



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