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Intel RST sata disk unavailable


Hi friends, my intel RST version is I am using Asus z87 pro motherboard. I created raid with motherboard as raid controller, was using raid0 a couple of months ago. The intel RST software showed me "disk on port 0 missing." Or sometimes as "disk on port 4 is missing." On both ports are my two Western Digital 6TB hard drives used for creating raid. To combat the error, I restarted the system and it automatically rebuilt the raid0. I got the error again. I deleted raid0 and created raid1. Same error occurred.

Now I deleted the raid1 too but the two 6TB drives have the data as such, like it is mirrored. I carry on working with my video editing. Now, I frequently get an error, "sata disk unavailable." I find in the software that either port 0 or port 4 is not showing up. I keep restarting to bring it to normal, and both disks would be identified and status shown as "normal." I tried fitting the cable and ports properly and i get the error again somedays later.

Why am I getting such errors?

Should I update the intel RST software?

Will I lose data if i update the intel RST?

thanks. Pls help

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Please review this link:


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