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Need help configuring integrated intel raid on Intel S3200SHV mobo.


I have 3 drives which I'm trying to configure as a raid array. Raid level 5. I build and configure servers all the time using various Raid controllers, but this is the first I've done with an integrated raid controller and I'm having some difficulty.

I can enter the utility and select the drives for the raid array. Then when it wants me to configure the raid level, I hit the space bar and the only option that appears is span-1. The documentation is useless although it does state that it will do raid 0, 1, 5, 10 and jbod. Is there a special key sequence I have to push in order to configure it for raid 5?

Please help, i'm running out of time for this build...

Thanks so much in advance.


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Hi Adrian,

So you would like to configure a RAID 5 on the board S3200SH.


Let me explain to you two things before continuing to the configuration of the RAID 5.

This board has two onboard RAID controllers:


Intel® Matrix Storage Technology that supports software SATA RAID 0, 1,5, 10.

Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology and the LSI Logic SATA controller that support software SATA RAID 0, 1 and 10.

So first thing that you need to do is to go onto the BIOS by pressing F2.




Go to Advanced


Set Onboard SATA Controller to Enabled


Set to Configure SATA as RAID


Set SATA RAID Oprom to Intel Matrix Storage


Save and Exit


Then Press Ctrl + I to go onto the Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM




1. All disks need to be NON-RAID - As a precaution, reset all disks to non-raid


2. Select Create Raid Volume


3. Enter a name for the Raid Volume


4. Select Raid 5 for the Raid Level


5. Select a Strip Size


6. Select the Volume Capacity


7. Select Create Volume


8. Select 'Y' to continue.

You will see your RAID 5 (parity) has been created and the status will be normal (font color in green).

9. Select Exit


10. Select 'Y' to continue.

OS Installation:




For Windows XP and Windows 2003, you will need the driver for the RAID Controller.

If you have an internal floppy disk drive, download the F6 driver from the website below:



Else you can use Nlite to slipstream the F6 driver with the Operating System, thus creating a new OS CD with the RAID F6 drivers already embedded in it.

Please note: if you have the bios version 46, the version of the Intel (R) Matrix Storage OpROM is v7.5.0.1017.

That's it, hope it helps you.

Kind Regards,


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