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RS2BL040, S3420GPLC, Citrix Xen 5.6, MegaCli (CmdTool2)

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I try to continue other topic. Nobody answer. I decide to begin a new topic.

I just little bit confused. Followed configuration was assembled at February 2011:

RS2BL040, S3420GPLC, Citrix Xen 5.6, 3-d party box.

Citrix web site declare complete capability with all hardware.

All updates for a those time: motheboard bios, raid firmware, the lastest XEN version. It successfully work till the December.

Since December Xen several time just lost the Raid controller. Time out connection, kernel panic etc...

So I try to read full log from raid controller to understand what is going on:

# ./CmdTool2 -AdpAlILog -aALL


SAS RAID Management Tool Command Line Utilities





Adapter # 0



Date/Time: Sat Apr 21 07:54:00 PM


Operating System: Linux version


Segmentation fault



In Syslog:

Apr 21 17:11:41 xenserver-pbx2 kernel: CmdTool2[32439]: segfault at 1909 ip b7526ba2 sp bfff51a0 error 4 in[b74cf000+13f000]


Apr 21 17:11:51 xenserver-pbx2 kernel: CmdTool2[32456]: segfault at 1909 ip b7602ba2 sp bfeb8920 error 4 in[b75ab000+13f000]


Apr 21 17:25:46 xenserver-pbx2 kernel: MegaCli[728]: segfault at 1909 ip b74faba2 sp bfb97f00 error 4 in[b74a3000+13f000]


the rest of command like


./CmdTool2 -AdpAllInfo -a0

work without a problems.

To your information Citrix Xen use 32 bit kernel for a dom0

Any ideas what to do?

Citrix support do not respond since Apr 21. Even if they will will respond it's 3-d party software. Not the part of XEN.

Lsi Logic support not familiar with Xen. Suggest me tuch the Citrix.

May be someone from Intel can help?

You are not just the sales.

Does ./CmdTool2 -AdpAlILog work on 32 bit kernels?

I just do not have unused RAID controller for testing.


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CmdTool2 should work on 32 bit kernels. Linux x64 versions require certain libraries to be present in the system. As you see from the CmdTool2 utility, we've got FreeBSD, Linux (RedHat SUSE and Debian) and Solaris versions available. I do not know how it will function with Citrix Xen, but from your segmentation fault results it doesn't look positive.





You're not entirely right about debian support.

The package is a 32bit rpm. Whilst "alien" can convert rpm to deb format, it's not perfect and it fails miserably if there are architecture conflicts (eg, trying this on a 64 bit box)

Please consider making native deb packages and PLEASE consider making 64bit packages available for RPM/DEB. A lot of higher-end systems are 64bit _only_ and it's annoying/irritating/difficult to get authorisation to install i386 libraries to support an external package.

An admin stuck in the crossfire....


Hi because I think you'll get more answers from the main Server Tech Support Forum. I moved this discussion there.

The link is: /message/154747# 154747 154747


- Cory