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S2600CWTS / P4304XXMUXX Power Supply Sensors Missing


Hi folks:

I just put together a server with a S2600CWTS board and P4304XXMUXX chasis and I'm having trouble with the power supply sensors. It appears that they are missing. I noticed it when as a test I pulled the power cable from one of the two 750w power supplies to verify that the alert system was working, and low and behold no sensor went red. Upon closer examination I don't see any sensors for the power supplies at all.

As part of the installation I installed the latest BIOS package and the FRUSDR (1.07). As far as I can tell it correctly identified the chasis. I'm thinking it's some sort of SDR record issue, but as I'm new to this (I'm a software person by trade and only build servers on the side when I really need to), maybe there is something obvious I'm missing. I'm attaching some screens from the management web page showing the SDR stuff and the sensors.

Suggestions welcome.

Note that the OS was powered down when I did this and I had the case open. The sensors list is just to show what sensors it shows as being available.

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I noticed that it is not getting any information for the system fans. You may want to reboot the BMC using our syscfg utility and use the following command "syscfg.exe –rbmc"

You may also consider reflashing the firmware in case the update was not taken properly by the unit.


Turns out it was cockpit error.

After trying your suggestions and still not seeing the sensors I went back and looked at how I had everything cabled, and it turns out that the PMBUS cable wasn't connected. After finding that cable (which I originally mistook for one of the old style 3 1/4 floppy small power connectors) and hooking it up, all the power supply sensors now appear.

I would suggest that someone update section 1.3.2 of the Intel ® Server Chassis P4304XXMFEN2/P4304XXMUXX Product Family System Integration and Service Guide which I was using to assemble the server, as it makes no mention of connecting the PMBUS cable when connecting the rest of the cables from the power supply board. The only reference, and the reason I found my mistake, is that Figure 7, which describes the cable routing paths, shows the PMBUS cable.

Thanks for you help.