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S5000VSA board locking up


Hallo there,

i am using this S5000VSA-SATAR board since 1 month now, but it keeps locking up for no particular reason.

It shows nothing in the Windows system- and application-LOG.

System configuration:

S5000VSA SATA motherboard

2x Intel Xeon E5420 Proc

2x Kingston KVR667D2D8F5K2/2G (Total 4GB)

Intel SRCSAS-18E RAID Controller

OS: Windows 2003 Std

System is running latest BIOS / BMC updates (94, 64)

BIOS log is attached to this thread.

Hope someone can help me out!

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I will try to check if there is anything in the firmware release notes of the Raid Controller. Try to upgrade it if you have an old firmware on the controller. Dont forget that if there is any degraded or rebuilding or failed array, dont update the firmware of the controller.

If this does not fix it, i will look at the memory that you are using. Because these are not on the compatibility list from Intel.

Hope this will help.




Hello Aryan2411,

The RAID controller is running the newest bios / firmaware version available.

I didn't mention the memory not being listed on the approved hardware list though.

Perhapt the memory is indeed the problem, I've allready replaced it with new ones, but the same vendor / type.

Hope you can help me out with this one.

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Hi there,

I was checking again on your SEL log, i can see that there is an error message IERR, please try a processor retest in the bios and make sure that it does not appear in the SEL log again. (It is always good to have a backup of your information when doing test)

Now if the system is still locking up in windows, i will say before getting compatible memory from the Tested Hardware List from Intel, i will try to remove the RAID controller card and see if the system freezes in Windows even the onboard RAID controller. Try on another 2 drives as this is a just a test.

If this persists even with the onboard controller, then i will go for a compatible memory from the list below:

Note Kingston with letter 'I' at the end has Intel chip on it. The memory that you are using are not even on the list.

Other than this, i cannot have any solution.