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S5000VSA frequency cutted

Community Manager

a system based on S5000VSA run correctly for two years.

this morning start a strange event: the system slow down as is in effect a frequency reduction.

i checked the bios, all is correct.

no errors displayed, no strange beeps

the system boot but the time from power on to OS startup is 10 minutes, the OS (Windows 2008) boot ... but after 20 minutes of stressssss.

all the messages, from first POST message to OS startup, appear on screen line by line or block by block, all is glued.

hardware components (power supply, funs, hard disks) appear on good state.

can anyone give me an input?

thanks on advance for any ideas.

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Looks like CPU or memory throttled due to thermal issue.

Community Manager

the sensors report fan state ok.


after many hours of tests i decide to update firmware

this resolve the issue or the system response return ok.

the only warning is the system len that is blink green

and the console report a warning on chassis, but thermal and all other features are good.