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We were shipped the X520-DA NIC with 2 SFP+ Optics instead of the X520-SR2 that we requested for multimode fiber. Are these 2 cards equivelent for multimode fiber use (i.e. same distances available for cabling), or is the distance shortened in the Direct Attached Version?

Any issues with this NIC in Windows Storage Server 2008 (64 bit)????

Thanks in advance.


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Was able to get my own question answered via the Text Chat with Intel.

It does appear that the DA card is the equivelent of the SR2 card without the optics. Ordering the DA card with SR optics from Intel provides the same spec as the SR2 card.

Snippet from conversation;

Mauricio: Cable lengths for Intel® Ethernet SFP+ Optics


: This is what we are trying to get - 50 µm MMF 2000 2 to 300 (meters)


: So as long as we use this Optic with the DA card we should be within that range on MM fiber.


: SR Opt Trcvr for Intel X520 SFP+ NIC, Customer Install (330-8721)


Mauricio: correct

The card also does not have any known issues with Windows Storage Server 2008.