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s5520hc with RMS2AF040 cannot configure drives unless on-board raid is enabled

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I have a s5520hc mb with rms2af040 sas raid controller, 6drv3gexp backplane.

i cannot see/configure the drives in the in the sas controller bios unless the on-board raid controller is enabled.

BUT , I have the version 3.5.3 deployment tools which cannot see the sas controller when the on-board raid is enabled.

So, i can configure the drives using ctrl-G but cannot install OS because the on-board raid controller cant see them even though it has to be enabled in order to get to the drives via ctrl-G.

when I disable the on-board raid I get nothing and the sas controller cannot see the previously configured/initialized sas drives.

I am sure there is something I am missing.

bios is 59

frusdr is 30

thanks for your suggestions


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I'm a little confused - which onboard RAID controller are you referring to? If you can configure RAID via Crtl-G, you should be able to install OS on it - which OS are you installing? Did you load the RAID driver during OS installation?

Community Manager

Thanks for the response, Edward.

I got the solution to this problem from Michael in chat support.

the issue is that win2008r2 could not create or use an existing partition on the raid volume even though the partition could be created manually with win2008.


make the dvd as first bootable device and the raid as second bootable device and disable ALL other boot devices in bios.

then DO NOT insert the flashdrive with the win raid drivers until it is called for by the os.

Intel has the BEST support in the industry.