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server system s2600WFT

  1. Where I can find list of Xeon Scalable CPU that support Optane SSD memory? I find several document like this its write that support, and on other side on Intel ark for all Xeon Scalable family state that not support Intel Optane memory. I need clarification about Optane memory and Optane SSD? Is supported Intel Optane SSD working in memory pool or not? On Intel web portal is only example of desktop processor and system, nothing regarding server product, only thing I find is Win Server 2016 driver
  2. Memory pool with Intel Optane P4800X, is it possible to create Intel Optane P4800X with part of capacity in memory pool and rest use as data cache. For example P4800X 375GB, use 250GB in memory pool with 16GB RDIMM and rest of 125GB to be used as data cache for NVMe disk in raid?? Or only is possible to add in memory pool complete capacity of 375GB, and is not possible to partially be added?
  3. Where can find driver for add Intel Optane P4800X in memory pool, and how we can configure?
  4. When is used in memory pool Intel Optane P4800X can store data after power loss? If yes for how long?
  5. Is it possible to mirror Intel Optane P4800X SSD drive whit self to split logically and have raid on one drive (one Intel Optane P4800X in system)??
  6. Which OS is supported whit Intel Optane P4800X? As I see only Windows Server 2016 driver exist?
  7. What is limitation on VROC boot domain regarding number of disk? For example is it possible to boot with raid 5 on five disk? Or is limited per domain disk support, as domain support only 4 disk and raid can be created only to those 4 disk to be able to boot. Domain are 3 per CPU each with 4 disk on same domain, totally 12 disk to CPU.
  8. List of intel write intensive, and read intensive SSD? On ark is expressed as totally write per warranty time in PB, is there any doc that have write per day capability?
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Thanks for contacting the Intel® Memory Drive Technology support; in regards to your question we've found that this thread has duplicated questions from the following thread:






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