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Come hear two Intel engineers, Bob Chesebrough and Anoop Madhusoodhanan Prabha, talk about how vectorization can be used to speed up programs on May 14th @ 9:00 AM PST.  Register here.

Title: Introduction to Vectorization using Intel® C++ Compiler Cilk™ Plus Extensions

Vectorization plays a paramount role in speeding up programs with data parallelism inherent in their algorithms. Intel C++ Compiler can boost performance by detecting the potential parallelism in a loop by checking the data dependence and data flow using its auto-vectorization feature. With contemporary hardware, vector register widths continue to increase and explicit vector programming methods can be used to achieve greater performance. Intel® Cilk™ Plus allows a  developer to do explicit vectorization using Intel® Cilk Plus™ SIMD directive, Array Notation and elemental functions to enable the performance potential in your application. Attend this webinar and see it in action, complete with code samples.

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If you missed the webinar, you can still watch the recording at the following location: