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Local Notification Icon Sets Cordova default

Hi I'm trying to make local notifications for my APP with a plugin called cordova-local-notifications by Katzer  and everything seems to work fine except for the Icon, no matter how I write the URL of the Icon I still get the default one by Cordova and the thing is in the official domuentation of the plugin says that the Icon has to be in the "res://" folder for Android and I know how to get to that folder in Cordova but with Intel XDK I can't seem to find it anywhere 

So my question is, does anyone know a workaround? or I'm doing it wrong?

So far I tested it like this

  • icon      = "res://icon";
  • icon      = "res://icon.png";
  • icon      = "";
  • icon      = "res://package-assets/icon.png";
  • icon      = "file://www/ico/icon.png";

Any Ideas?

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