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Lost account, no longer able to download licensed Fortran Compiler


I have been renewing my Fortran license every year, and it is good through this December. I recently got a new computer and decided to download the latest Fortran version. I found a link in my one of my old emails and downloaded the latest installer. I was then asked to update my profile, and I changed my email address, because I no longer have access to the original email associated with this account. I think that started the problem, because the new email address I used is associated with a different account/license from about about 10 years ago. So now when I log in it says my support ended 10 years ago. I cannot download any installers at all. I no longer can see any of my recent serial numbers in my account. I tried to click on an email link to register the serial number I have from Dec 2014, but it says the number is no good. I can't find my Dec 2015 renewal email, but I don't think the license number changed.

I have tried to install an older 2015 Fortran, which I think should work with the serial number I have, but it didn't work. I have been using that same license number sine 2011. Perhaps the number goes with a 2013 Fortran. How can I recover this lost account? I can't just change the email back to what it was, since I no longer have access to it.

My product is Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows

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Hi Stephen,

It appears that this issue may be resolved.  If you need further assistance, please respond here or reply to Case Number    01555055


Regards, Hal

Intel(R) Developer Zone Support
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