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working AdMob example of HTML5+Cordova project

Hi all,

After upgrade to 3240 I couldn't build the app for Android with AdMob plugin.

I thought it's my code so I created some dummy projects just to see which plug-in and how to use it.
All these project fail to display ad.
I have tested cordova-plugin-admob and cordova-plugin-ad-admob.
Is there anyone successfully building the apps with Admob plugin on 3240 XDK?

Is there any simple working example?

And more general question:
Intel XDK enviroment is changing quickly with "no way back" policy.
My project is on early stage so for now for me it's ok.
But I can't imagine how to deal with these problems when application is published and need some fixes.
Do you keep Intel XDK version without any upgrades?



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Henry -- the AdMob plugins (there are many) have also been changing quickly. I recommend you try a later version of the plugins you are using, or try a different one.

The ones you mentioned in your post appear to be:

The latest version of each, pulled from the npm registry, are (respecting order above):

  • '2.16.1': '2016-04-17T06:55:10.140Z'
  • '1.0.107': '2016-03-15T09:28:54.117Z'

If you project is old, you may have to remove the plugin(s) and re-add using the "third-party plugin" option of the plugin manager. Use the names you cited.

Regarding the changes in the XDK, most changes in the "local client" part of the XDK (the part that runs on your system) have only affected how features and functions are accessed, the basic operations are still the same. We have updated our cloud build systems due to security requirements and platform OS updates that the Apache Cordova project has incorporated. In other words, the build systems based on older versions of the Apache Cordova Project would no longer build apps that were accepted by the store (esp. Android) due to security holes and would not support newer versions of platforms (e.g., Android 6 and iOS 9). Also, many of the latest versions of the third-party plugins require later versions of the Apache Cordova build system.

The mobile development environment is far from stable, we must keep pace with it or you will not be able to build apps that can be deployed.