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Question about Intel Processor Trace


I'm choosing my CPU based on a very low level feature Intel Processor Trace(intelpt). The Combined Volume Set of Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manul said that each processor can have up to 4 intelpt filtering range. The number of supported range can be checked via CPUID(eax=14h, ecx=1). I looked at the 11gen core i9 in my office but it seems only support 2 range (not sure if I check correctly). My questions are:

- Is there any processor support the maximum 4 ip filtering range ?

- How can I check the number without the having to buy the actual processor (the value is documented in some specs some where ?)

- How many range do the X-series/Xeon-W/Xeon scalelable famliy processor support ? It's best if you can give a detailed list of how many range each cpu supported.


I attached the python3 script I use to check the value in the attachment. The script is fairly short and absolutely non-malicous. All it does is execute `cpuid` instruction and print out the result. The script should work on both linux and windows. If you have any intel processor please help me run the script and feedback the value. Tks alot

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