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Unable to generate 'GPA' data with my Intel HD Graphics 4000


I'm trying to profile the execution of an OpenCL kernel on Intel HD Graphics 4000. I've installed the 30-day trial of both VTune and INDE.

If I right-click on my Project in VS2013 > Intel VTune Amplifier XE 2015 > New Analysis, I see this message in the window that opens:

Some GPU metrics are currently disabled by the BIOS. See the product Release Notes for details.

I've attached two images: one showing the tick-box for GPAs in my motherboard BIOS (it's not clear in the image, but the box seems to be greyed-out, and I'm unable to tick it), and another showing the results of a VTune analysis run of my program, showing zero L3 cache misses, which I presume means the GPAs are not working.

Are Graphics Performance Analyzers not available?


My hardware:

Motherboard Intel Desktop Board DQ77MK. (Latest firmware.)

Processor: i7-3770 (featuring Intel HD Graphics 4000)



Windows 7, 64-bit. VS 2013. I've installed the 30-day trial of both VTune and INDE.

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