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AC-7260 shows as N-7260



I have a Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch. It came with a AC-7260 wireless card and was able to connect to 5G networks. For some reason Windows is now reporting that the card is the N-7260 and I am unable to see 5G networks in the list of available networks. When using the Intel Driver Update utility, the utility reports that the device is AC-7260. After installing the latest driver today Windows still reports that the device is the N-7260 and the driver update utility still reports that it is the AC-7260. Below is a photo of the hardware ID from device manager. I don't know how to read them but they are slightly different from the IDs I have seen posted for the N-7260 by others having a similar problem. I have gone so far as to restore the laptop to its factory settings from the recovery partition but still no luck.

Are there any suggestions for how to resolve this?


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Hi JoshEB,

I understand you are having problems with the Wireless card so let me help you with that.

Please note we have received a couple of reports from users saying that device manager reports the wireless card as a different product. Most of the times, the product reflected on Device manager is the hardware installed.

My recommendation is to contact the Computer Manufacture and confirm with them what the wireless card installed is or in case you took the computer to a repair shop verify with the store too.

Kevin m