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Asus X570 plus wifi — slow wifi & audio problems


I just built my PC. Ran a speed test and I'm getting 50mbps on wifi? Any video I watch online, the audio cuts in & out and for gaming I'm getting 500 ping on valorant, crazy lagging lol. CPU: Ryzen 7 3800xt GPU: Evga ftw3 3080. Anyone have simliar issues or heard of this? I’ve downloaded new drivers on asus website but nothing helps. Even downloaded the new bios, but it seems like it doesn’t apply. In system info the bios date is 7/2020 ...anyone have similar issues?

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There is a lot more information needed in order to help you get this sorted. First, please submit the model of the motherboard, the model of the Wi-Fi adapter, and the type of wireless network you are attempting to use. How close is the PC to the wireless router or access point?

Please download and run the Intel System Support Utility. Leave the default settings, save the scan, and post the results back with your answers to the above questions. The SSU will provide a hardware scan of your system, and includes information about the OS. The link for the SSU is here:



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