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Centrino 6230 dropping wireless connection


Every few months, my Dell xps14z running Win 7 x64 with Intel Centrino Advanced N-6230 goes through a phase where I have trouble with it dropping connections. I eventually get it resolved, usually by uninstalling and reinstalling updated drives numerous times, or tweaking some settings (though I can't remember what).

Yet it never stays fixed.

Here is how the issue manifests.... all of a sudden my computer will drop its wifi connection, then because I have automatically connect selected, it will try again and again to reconnect. It will connect for a moment to the router, but then not be able to get out to the internet. Then it drops the connection. Then it tries again. If I turn the router off and on and then reboot the computer, I can maintain a connection. But then if I let the computer go to sleep when it wakes up it goes back into the connecting to the router/not able to get out to the internet/dropping connection/trying again cycle.

In the past 3 days I have downloaded the latest drivers and software from Intel and from Dell. I have repeatedly uninstalled the driver, sometimes reinstalling just the driver, sometimes reinstalling the driver plus the Intel Pro Wireless software.

Still not fixed.

I would like to find a solution once and for all. Any ideas?

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Hello Atheta,

The issue you have appears to be related to power or compatibility. You may want to update your router's firmware and disable the power management for the wireless adapter in device manager.

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