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Chipset driver software for PCI Express Root Port device 9d14


With apologies if I'm in the wrong place for this question; a more obvious forum did not appear.


I have a laptop on which the device manager showed plentiful corrected hardware errors in the WHEA-Logger for device PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9D14&SUBSYS_078B1028&REV_F1. After multiple searches I ran across some chipset driver software in a zip file Chipset_Intel_10.1.17861.8101.zip. (Oddly, it came from a .ru site but was tested to be clean.) I installed that software and the errors ceased to accumulate.


It wasn't until well after installation that I realized where the zip file came from. I poked about here at the Intel site and found the official chipset software utility. Out of an abundance of caution and because it had a higher version number I downloaded and installed it. And the corrected hardware errors returned! So I went back to the previous version.


I write all this because the experience may be meaningful here at Intel. Just hope this note can find the right people and maybe help others.

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That's PCIe Root Port #5 and, from what I can see, is specific to the chipsets for the 6th gen (Skylake) processors.


First of all, is this a Dell laptop? If so, see here: https://www.dell.com/community/Laptops-General-Read-Only/Whea-logger-corrected-error-17/m-p/5043495#M898958.


Second (and/or if the above didn't help), try reinstalling the later version, but this time do so as follows:


  1. Download the package in ZIP form.
  2. Extract this package to a temporary folder.
  3. Open an As-Administrator Command Prompt or Powershell window.
  4. Change current folder (directory) to the temporary folder.
  5. Execute the command: ".\SetupChipset.exe /overall".
  6. Reboot.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks immensely for the quick reply. You called it - it's a Dell laptop, but the network adapter is an Intel AC-3165. That's been suggested as the source of the corrected hardware errors.


I did follow your installation instructions but have to say I've still got the hardware errors. The laptop is still under warranty so I'm going to keep pushing on Dell to get this fixed.


Thanks again.

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