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Dell Inspiron 7559 Terrible on and Off Internet. + Showing All internet connects as One bars. Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165


At the time i'm even making this I barely can even stay connected to the internet for less than 2 minutes anymore. before I was able to stay connected to the internet all day for Multiple hours. I was able to play games with 11 or less ping. Then I noticed the internet start dying. I brought this laptop with me on a Trip to Virginia and connected to my Friend's wifi and was reaching 4 Bars with great ping. when I Arrived back home my internet was still good until a good 4 days after Coming back home. The internet would Soar from 1 bar to 2 bar Back and forth. IF i'm lucky it sometimes will stay at 4. note I was never connected to Ethernet at this time. I was PURELY using the Wireless chip. and it was perfect. also there is times where I Goto certain rooms in my house (Upstairs) it works perfectly fine. then when I go Downstairs the internet goes back to being Terrible. ALSO when I stay downstairs the Internet is Perfect when I go upstairs the internet is back to being Terrible. basically it Keeps going on and Off. perfect to not perfect. I never messed with the Chip inside of this Computer. so I highly doubt that it has something to do with the Internet chip


I've tried Power mode

I've even tried not overclocking my CPU And GPU

This is So Unacceptable for a Laptop that I Depend on. and I work online so i'm ultimately unable to do work (This even REJECTS Ethernet cables so this computer REFUSES To stay connected to internet) I Restarted + Deleted all my files more than 4 Times.


My Computer Specifications are Here.

GPU - GTX 960m

CPU - Intel Core i5 6300H 2.30Ghz

Network Chip - Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165


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What version of Windows 10 are you using? 1903?


From what you have described, you have a signal strength issue with your wireless router. Has it been moved lately, or it could be failing.





"netsh wlan show int" from a cmd prompt when you're in a good spot vs a bad spot should reveal if there is really a signal issue, no need to guess.