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HP Legacy Laptops with New Windows 10 versions (Intel Products Drivers)


I spent last few days on Internet Searches trying to resolve driver issues related to my legacy laptop/notebook from HP.

The problem results because of the Intel Driver Support Assistant recommends and uses latest driver which conflict with OEM design and drivers HP uses; as well as new Microsoft Operating system "automated features" that are not friendly for legacy issues (default to always prioritize latest drivers).   You also have to find from 3rd party sites the old legacy drivers that will still work based on "automated security features" and the automated tool preferences for "Latest drivers" (which ultimately creates the conflicts leading to failures and crashes -  to include Windows no longer recognizing the adapters and various codes from 10 to 37).   Brute force techniques.

I want to thank the Intel poster who experienced the problem and similar to what I am doing just posted their solution for going to a prior driver for the Intel Wireless AC 9461 from a year ago that resolved the conflict.    This is a problem of the automated update tools and an OEM design  that conflict and its the second time I faced this with HP product....Intel community was more helpful than HP.

Updates using the Intel tool are not always compatible with legacy software driver systems; as they (HP) no longer support updating their own drivers as Microsoft Windows goes to its newer generation versions of Windows 10/11; while automated and security features do introduce compatibility conflicts needing manual interventions.    Thanks to this community for posts that help!   The fine print of tools do warn of OEM conflicts - but then have to research solutions on own and a post by users with Older driver versions they found that actual worked help!

I could not find an "Official" Intel site for older drivers and for security reasons was looking for recommendation on best sources for obtaining the legacy driver for Intel chipsets as didn't find on Intels webpages.....

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Simple answer - do not use IDSA.

Get your drivers from HP, as they were certified for your laptop.


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[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]

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