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Intel My Wifi only works sometimes



I have a Gateway laptop that is hooked up to a wired network in my home. We don't have a wireless network, so I have been using the Intel My Wifi techology on my laptop to share my wired internet with small devices (mainly an iPod Touch) that cannot access wired networks.

Sometimes My Wifi will work for awhile, with no problems. But often I have to fight with it to get anywhere. Once I'm connected, I usually stay connected for as long as I want to use it. The problem is actually getting connected.

This is usually how it goes:

1. Turn on Computer.

2. Enable Intel My Wifi.

3. Connect device. At this point, my device shows that it is connected and it shows up in the connected devices list in My Wifi. Now, if I try to do anything on my (supposedly) connected device, it will just "load" until it times out. If I try to browse the web, it will just attempt to load the page until it finally times out. If I disconnect and reconnect my device, without touching My Wifi itself, it won't let me reconnect to the network. And yes, "Share My Internet" is enabled.

4. Now, in order to get it to work I have to disable Intel My Wifi. At this point, it usually says it can't find a network adapter. So, I turn the hardware wireless switch off and on and that usually gets it to find the adapter again.

5. Go back to step 2.

Now I start repeating steps until it works. Go to step 2. Did it work? No. Proceed to step 4. Did it work? No. You know the drill...

Sometimes I only have to do this a couple times, other times I have had to fight with it for 20 minutes or so.

I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems? Has anyone found a solution? As it stands, Intel My Wifi is a great idea...if only it would work most of the time.

Thanks a bunch, in advance!


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Please note that Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT) uses an extensible software architecture that allows the operating system to think the notebook has two Wi-Fi radios performing similar, but different, functions. Each virtual Wi-Fi radio is assigned a TCP/IP stack.

Intel My WiFi Technology communicates to IEEE* standards-based 802.11 Wi-Fi devices, enabling most of the base functionality of the WLAN and Wi-Fi PAN driver to be shared.

Note that the computer needs to be connected via wireless in order for the system to broadcast a wireless signal to other devices, it will not work as expected or might not work at all if the computer is connected via lan cable.

Here are some articles that might help understanding how to use this technology:

How do you create and use Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT) profiles?

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/mywf/sb/CS-029976.htm?wapkw=my+wifi+technology http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/mywf/sb/CS-029976.htm?wapkw=my+wifi+technology

How to connect devices using Intel® My WiFi Technology (Intel® MWT) with WPS*

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/mywf/sb/CS-029334.htm?wapkw=my+wifi+technology http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/mywf/sb/CS-029334.htm?wapkw=my+wifi+technology

I hope this clarify how this technology works.

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Thanks for the reply.

So the problem is that My Wifi wasn't designed to work with wired connections?

What's the point of that? If my laptop is connected to a wireless connection, then I would have no need to use this My Wifi technology because I could just connect my hand held devices to the same access point.

Thanks again.


I agree. I am having your exact problems! I don't understand why it's not designed to work with wired networks, weird I say.

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This clarifies the technology is pointless. The only reason I am using the utility is because I forgot my router and am using lan. This is the ultimate circlejerk. There no reason it should cut out at all. It is merely an engineering failure and the fact is was even released is probably the result of a convoluted bureaucracy. ARM the world now please

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I Have no Idea why the the guy from Intel given such an answer like that. It's work with Wired internet..!!! I had same problem too... So what i have done is...

1) Open Network sharing center

2) Click change adapter setting .. u will see here a lot of connection other than local area network..i.e....wireless connection 1.. 2... 3... etc.

3) Right click on the local area network

4) Click on sharing tab

5) Under connection sharing , check the box " Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection".

6) Now, Under " Home networking connection" you have to select which wireless connection is for have to design to be hotspot for your device. Click ok....( If you dont have it .. u have to create on folder " change adapter setting".)

7) Then enable back ur Intel wifi technology.. Walla... Connected and you can surf to the internet with ur phone or tab via PC ( intel wifi technology).

If still cant....Others things you have to setup.. is under Intel Wifi technology. Go to profile setting. under "sharing tab". Choose disable on both "Filter network traffic" and "DHCP and DNS servers".

Your Intel Wifi technology's should be working now.. to let your PC become hotspot with using wired lan connection..



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