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Iwireless AC 3160 issues?


I just got a new laptop. its an MSI. it came with the intel AC 3160 card. and am having a lot of issues with this garbage. i've surfed the web and apparently most intel combo bluetooth+wifi cards have issues.

so my issue is that my wifi speed is capped at 54 mbps. and it goes lower if i get closer to the router. yeah am not joking. and its very sluggish. i can tell you its not my router because other laptops work just fine. its a 300N router single band 2.4 GHZ. I went to the options of the driver. and i tried to change the mode to wireless N only so it doesn't go to wireless G. but there isn't a wireless N option. there is only abg. not even AC.. i tried making my laptop broadcast N only and this laptop wouldn't connect to it. what do i do to fix this and make it accept wireless N signal?

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If your router security settings are not wpa2 personal PSK, you'll be capped at 54. WPA or TKIP and you won't get above 54.