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Last Ditch Effort to Make 7260AC Work in my Win 8.1 64-bit Laptop


I upgraded my 7260-N to a 7260AC and while the wifi rocks with my Netgear Nighthawk router, I have completely lost Bluetooth. My laptop and Samsung Galaxy S4 phone will pair, but then after about a minute, will disconnect and never reconnect. The same goes for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet - pairs and then disconnects.

I contacted Intel Customer Support and was advised to uninstall my wifi and Bluetooth software and drivers, and then reinstall wit the most recent ProSet software and drivers for my Windows 8.1 64-bit system. I did that and it did not work, so I took the 7260AC out and reinstalled my 7260N card, and now the Bluetooth doesn't work on it anymore either!!!

My computer is only 3.5 months old and now HP wants to replace it...but new models of my same configuration are now being sold with only 1x1 b/g/n wlan cards, which is unacceptable. I really don't want to start over with a new computer, so was thinking about trying this:

1. Uninstall all wifi and BT software and drivers and then uninstall the WLAN card.

2. Perform a System "Refresh" which is supposed to refresh my Windows installation without removing my files or too many of my programs.

3. Reinstall the 7260AC card and see if Windows will automatically reinstall the correct drivers.

Any thoughts as to my logic or should I just cave and get the new computer?

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It makes sense if you are trying to get different results with the Microsoft* inbox drivers installed (instead of Intel®'s), which is possible, and at the same time such operating system refresh may help fixing possible corruption issues. I believe Windows* should install its own drivers whether it is this way or with Windows* Updates.