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My wireless connection is very poor only on my laptop and is constantly dropping


Good Evening, 

Recently I have started to notice that the WiFi connection on my laptop has been really slow whereas my other devices are all perfectly fine. I am connected to the internet through the wireless connection as Ethernet is not possible. Recently it has constantly been crashing every 2 minutes and the connection signal is very weak. This is very unusual as my desktop is also connected to the internet via wireless and the signal is fine. I reinstalled all drivers and make sure everything is up to date but no fixes. My wireless card is Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165.

 I fear that this may be a hardware issue because I also took apart the laptop and checked the antenna cables. Someone please help me


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There is a lot of additional information needed to try and assist. What type of laptop are you using? What operating system is installed? You stated the laptop has been crashing. Do you mean the operating system actually crashes and requires a restart, or do you mean the wireless connection drops and needs to be corrected?