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Wifi Dashboard Unblock Device



I am using Wifi Dashboard 15.6.0. And my notebook NIC is Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6235.

I have a phone which connected via Wifi Hotspot through Wifi Dashboard earlier. I have then block the phone in Wifi Dashboard. Once I blocked it, the phone disappeared from the "Nearby Devices" list. And I am not able to perform the unblocking (the Help guide says click on the device and select unblocked, but the phone is no longer listed after blocking).

I tried reconnecting the phone again to the hotspot, it will just prompt password incorrect. Tried uninstall wifi dashboard, reboot notebook. I think it is keeping the cache somewhere in my notebook, as it is automatically assigned my previous setting after re-install.

Can anyone advice how to unblock the phone?


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Hello Unknown50210,

Please take into consideration that Intel® My WiFi Dashboard software last release was in 2013, some of the features may not work well with current systems. We tested blocking and unblocking some devices and we did not have any issues.

Here are some pointers about this:

1. In the phone, delete the password and information about the hotspot SSID that were previously stored.

2. Try placing the phone closer to the PC.

3. In Intel® My WiFi Dashboard software, make sure WiFi direct* and Hotspot are set to "On". Also, in the options, make sure the application is set to Show legacy devices.

4. In the Intel® My WiFi Dashboard Software options - hotspot, make note of the SSID and password.

5. In the phone, scan for WiFi SSID's and try connecting the one from your PC.