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protected access credential problem

I'm on a network that's using the EAP-Fast authentication. The profile is set to use specific credentials (configured in the profile) to use to log in. The problem I'm experiencing is sometimes the user cannot connect after logging in to the laptop. The usual fix is to go into the wireless profile and delete the PAC's in the profile and power cycle the wireless. Today, I tried to do that and it doesn't give me access to delete the PAC's and it will not accept new ip addresses. Is there a way to delete the PAC's every time a user logs in? Any help or ideas would be great appreciated. Thank you.

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Community Manager

The wireless connectivity problem was eventually solved because the user had an issue with his account.

My question still stands: Is there a way to delete the PAC's in the profile on startup? About once a week we get a user who cannot authenticate to the wireless, and the fix involves going into the profile, hitting the "select servers" option, then removing the PAC's. I think the users encounter this when they hibernate instead of shutting down the machines. But we also have users who encounter this problem and I'm very certain they are shutting their machines down when they leave their clinic areas.