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Arria 10 Device Specifications

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I want to dynamically reconfigure the line rate of my transceivers on an Arria 10 FPGA. When looking at the register map of the ATX PLL I noticed the configuration capabilities for the LC-tanks and loop filters. My question is, where to find the specifications for the bandwidths of the respective filters, VCO and PFD (I have already checked the Transceiver guide and the device data sheet and couldn't find the relevant data, the TCL scripts for generating the ATX PLL also show only variables, but no values, for the devices).


Thanks for help.

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HI, What you are looking for is the ATX PLL internal spec that's not available in FPGA datasheet doc. Intel FPGA recommendation to customer is to use the auto mode to let Quartus auto configure the ATX PLL optimal setting for user rather than let user manually tweak the setting themself. Thanks. Regards, dlim
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