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DS1WM (IP core) source - avalon wrapper trouble bidir data

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Maxim has a free ip core for onewire, the DS1WM. 


so far so good, it also comes with some documentation, but its the source verilog/vhdl files, then you have to do the wrapper yourself depending on what you need it for.. 


the only problem i run into so far is that avalon-mm slave doesn't have a bidirectional data bus to choose from, i know i seen data before in the avalon slave signal list, but it might have been in 13.1, but now in 14.1 i just cant find a bidirectional data bus signal? 


kinda funny, never needed it before.. now i need it and it seems to be gone..
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guess the only way to fix this is to make a extra layer on top of ds1wm that translates avalon slave bus interface to whatever that core is talking, and splitting up the bus into read and write instead of bidir.