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DSP IP problem

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I am trying to simulate a low pass filter using DSP megafunction in Modelsim. 


I am also using licensed Quartus full version to generate the IP. 


The error I am getting is: 

instantiation of 'lpf_1_ast' failed. the design unit was not found. 

# region: /test_lpf/inst 



Now, I am working in verilog i.e, the main instantiation file is "lpf_1.v". 

I have seen that FIR filter IP generates many files including "lpf_1_ast.vhd" but not "lpf_1_ast.v". 


Kindly, tell me how can I solve the problem ? 


A quick reply will be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you !!!
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I have also tried to compile the LPF_1_ast.vhd file, it is showing the error: 

error:library auk_dspip_lib not found. 


I have tried to search the library but could not find it. 


After I synthesized the module in Quartus, by looking at the netlist viewer, it seems that the LPF_1 has got generated properly. 


Thank you !!